Bob Bahan - Drop-in Gentle Fitness

50+ Aquacize (Gentle 3)

A water fitness class designed for older adults.

50+ Strength & Stretch (Gentle 3)

Increase muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and balance. Class tailored to meet the needs of older adults.

50+ Variety (Gentle 3)

Use a variety of equipment and exercise formats to increase muscular strength and endurance, cardio, flexibility and balance. This class will give you something different each day and is tailored to meet the needs of aging adults looking for an assortment of challenges.

Balance and Strength (Gentle 2)

An easy to follow low intensity class for adults.  Designed for those with any type of limited mobility, helping increase confidence and improve balance, strength, core stability and flexibility. Also includes low intensity cardio to help build up endurance.

Chair Yoga (Gentle 1)

Chair Yoga works all joints of the body in a slow, easy, safe and gentle manner. This class consists of breath awareness, seated postures in a chair and standing postures with support of a chair. The class finishes with a guided relaxation.

Living Healthy - Get Going (Gentle 2)

A gentle fitness class ideal for individuals with some limitations to exercise.  Exercises focus primarily on increasing strength, mobility and balance and decreasing fatigue in a gentle and supportive environment.  Participants will gain greater confidence in overcoming the challenges of everyday living.  Ideal for graduates of the AHS Healthy Living Program’s ‘Get Going’ class.

Bone Builders (Gentle 3)

Strengthen your bones and prevent fall-related injuries in this strength, core and balance class.