Forms & Waivers

Adapted Fitness waiver forms

For Adapted Programs such as Adapted Swimming, Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), Adapted Fitness, Adapted Boxercise, Adapted Aerobics, Adapted Sports, Adapted Floor Curling and Adapted Water Polo

Day Camp waiver forms

Required for all Day Camp Programs
Fitness & Martial Arts waiver forms

For Fitness Programs such as Triathlon Trianing, Aikido, Weight and Strength Training

Golf waiver forms

For all Beginner and Intermediate Golf Programs

Gymnastics waiver forms

For Gymnastic Programs such as Bouncing Beans, Tumbling Tykes, Gym Maniacs, Jumping Jacks and Jills, Tumble Twist and Turn, Tumblin' Tweens, Rock and Roll and Climb and Cartwheel

Hockey waiver forms

For Hockey Programs such as Introduction to Hockey, Hockey Level 1, Hockey Level 2, Recreational Goalies and all Hockey Tournaments

Nature waiver forms

For Nature Programs such as Outdoor Pursuits, Natures Got Talent, Nature Discovery, Animal Detectives, Summer Safari Adventures and Birding

Outdoor Programs waiver forms

Playschool waiver forms

Prenatal waiver forms

For Prenatal Programs such as Prenatal Aquatic Fitness, Prenatal Barre, Prenatal Fitness and Prenatal Yoga

Rock Climbing waiver forms

For Rock Climbing Programs such as Rock and Roll, Climbing Critters, Climb and Cartwheel, Little Rockers, Rocks and Knots, Towering Tweens and Partners in Climb

Sailing waiver forms

For Sailing Programs such as CANSail (all levels), Start Keel Boat Basics, Start Keel Boat Racing and Junior Sailing Club

Skating waiver forms

For Skating Programs such as Learn to Skate (all levels)

Swimming waiver forms

For Swimming Programs such as Parent & Tot 1, Parent & Tot 2 and Parent & Tot 3

Weight Room & Strength Training waiver forms

For Weight and Strength Programs such as Weight Room Orientation, Circuit Series and Strength Training Series

Boat Stall forms and policies

    Application forms     Rates and availability     Booking a Boat Stall
Meeting Room forms and policies

    Application forms     Terms and policies     Booking a Meeting Room
Pools & Fitness forms and policies

For questions regarding forms, waivers and terms of conditions please contact us at