Fit Park Activations

Join us as we visit communities throughout Calgary to practice and learn how to safely use park fitness equipment

Nordic Pole Walking - Youth & Adult

Nordic poles turn a walk into a total body workout that will enhance your core, posture, joints and confidence.

Parent & Baby Fit Together - Outdoor Stroller Fitness

Increase your cardiovascular fitness with power walking and/or short running drills and learn fun and safe strength exercises that you can do with your baby in their stroller - all while socializing with other parents.

Outdoor Tai Chi (Gentle 3) - Youth & Adult

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn and practice the art of Tai Chi when enjoying the fresh air and energy of the outdoors.

Outdoor Total Strength - Youth & Adult

Take advantage of our short summer by taking your stregnth training outside.

Outdoor Yoga

Enjoy the energy of nature and company of others while practicing yoga, calming the mind and breathing fresh air.