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Preschool: Create & Explore

Preschoolers will have fun engaging with others and learning physical and social skills. They will participate in active games, arts, crafts and stories.

Preschool: Parent & Tot - Move, Imagine, Play

Watch as your tot discovers something completely new! This course is an introduction to creative play equipment for toddlers with a little extra help from an adult. It promotes physical activity, body awareness, flexibility and exploration through the various activities. Parents/grandparents/guardians are required to participate.

Preschool: Parent & Tot - Wiggle, Giggle & Move

Designed for toddlers to develop their coordination, balance and imagination. Creative movement, music and stories make this a great class for growing minds and bodies. Parents/grandparents/guardians are required to participate.

Preschool: ABC Club

Learning the ABCs and 123s is so fun! Your child will participate in active games, arts and crafts and stories, which will help build their knowledge of the basics. Each week will have a fun educational theme like shapes, colours, numbers or letters.

Preschool: All About Animals

Calling all curious children! Get to know the two, four, six and eight legged creatures of our world. Get down on all fours and pretend to be a creepy crawly bug, wiggly fish, jumping frog, stomping dinosaur and more. Children will participate in active games, stories and arts and crafts based on different animals.

Preschool: Imagine If You Were

Imagination rules in this class for children! A pirate on a high seas adventure, a princess discovering enchanted castles, mighty machines working as a team. Building these imaginary worlds, they can pretend to be their favourite character, read stories, sing songs and create arts and crafts.

Preschool: Little Explorers

Have a little explorer? Let them discover the wonders of science through the elements of air, water and earth. Using their five senses, they'll investigate, play, read stories, and participate in exciting science experiments.

Preschool: Music Makers

Sing, clap and make noise. Songs and movement exploration gets your child jumping and jiggling while promoting body awareness and flexibility.

Preschool: Parent & Tot - Rhyming Time

Hear them rhyme their hearts out! Songs, games and lots of play, they'll just giggle the day away! Listening to storytelling is a great chance to bond with your tot and share in their learning. Come join the fun, there's something for everyone! Parents/grandparents/guardians are required to participate.

Yoga - Preschool

Roar like a lion, stretch like a dog and stand tall like a brave warrior. Please bring your own mat.