Day Camp - Nature Discovery

Explore the great outdoors and discover nature as it comes to life in our full-day Nature Discovery Camps. We will discover the animals and birds that live in our parks and tap into your child's curiosity through nature play, guided walks, games, arts and crafts, and plant and animal investigations. Pre-care and Post-care is available.

Day Camp - Nature Fun Camp

Spring Explorations is a half-day camp designed to introduce younger children to nature using hands-on activities, games, stories and crafts. Campers will spend a week exploring bugs, birds, plants and other living things with experienced environmental educators. Pre-care available but not post-care.

Day Camp - Nature Pre/Post

Registered Pre- and Post- Care for Nature Discovery Camps.

Day Camp - Outdoor Adventures (5 yrs & up)

Let them explore the great outdoors! With outdoor games and activities, environmental awareness and creating art using recycled materials. Swimming and water activities may be included.