Arts - Dance & Performing

Drama, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Couples Dance and more


PLAY with DANCE! DANCEPL3Y is an innovative and energetic dance program where you learn simple moves, get inter-ACTIVE with others, and have ridiculous fun as you bust a move to the best chart-topping music.

Adapted Drumming

Come and enjoy creating music together. Drumming is a fun way to make music - no previous music background needed - everyone can beat out a rhythm! All abilities can enjoy the physical benefits and relaxation that comes with drumming. A variety of drums will be available for all participants to use.

Ballet Dance

This class is a creative exploration of classical ballet, where you’ll learn basic ballet technique with a focus on body awareness and self-expression.

Hip-Hop & Jazz Combo

Two upbeat dance styles in one amazing class. Children will improve their musicality and coordination as they learn dance sequences from both hip hop and jazz. They’ll move to the rhythms of music while learning about the roots of these evolving dance styles.

Hip-Hop Dance - Child

Has your child always been full of energy? In this class, they’ll learn the fundamentals and basics of hip-hop and practice the coolest moves. Each class includes a warm-up, dance sequences and creation of a dance routine. Extreme confidence may be a side effect.

Preschool Dance - Dance for Preschoolers

This gently structured class emphasizes exploration, movement, creativity, and imagination in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Your child’s rhythm, physical confidence and imagination are nurtured. It’s an excellent way to prepare them for ballet and modern dance.

Preschool Dance - Happy Feet & Tapping Toes

Children explore movement and music styles that stimulate their imaginations and natural creativity. This class is for boys and girls and offers exposure to various dance forms while encouraging confident self-expression.

Preschool Dance - Hop n' Pop

Let your preschooler get moving, and get down! In this class, they’ll play, boogie, stall and groove all while learning, laughing and listening too. These fun beats will inspire preschoolers to explore dance, rhythm and get creative. Come in and get down! Be ready to play, boogy, stall and groove. These fun beats will inspire preschoolers to explore dance, their bodies and creativity.

Preschool Dance - Story Book Ballet

This enchanting ballet class will develop your child’s imagination, coordination, balance, rhythm and confidence. Children are guided on a magical journey through a tale with thematic inspirations that retell the story through creative movement.

Preschool Dance - Tap Dance

Little tappers will be introduced to music awareness, rhythm movement, tap steps and sequences. They’ll step, stamp and stomp while developing confidence, coordination and balance.

Preschool Dance - Tiny Ballerinas

Tiny ballerinas will swirl and leap their way into this fun-filled recreational approach to ballet. Your child will focus on expression and musicality in a supportive environment.

Preschool Dance - You Can Dance

Children will explore creative dance by using their imagination in a nurturing and supportive environment. Your child will enjoy this playful class, which incorporates storytelling, props and a ton of fun.

Tap Dance - Child

This recreational tap class will develop rhythm, coordination, balance and general fitness. Little tappers will be introduced to music awareness, rhythm movement, various tap steps and tap techniques. Step, stamp and stomp your way to a tappin' good time!