Martial Arts

Aikido, Capoeira, Karate, Muay Thai, Self-defence, Kickboxing and more

Karate - Preschool

Give your child a karate kick start! This recreational introduction to the basic techniques of karate will help your child learn blocks and punches, as well as the importance of discipline in the respected practice. The focus is on fundamentals, like balance, coordination, restraint and respect for oneself and for others.

Karate for Everyone - Introductory

Come one, come all – it’s Karate for everyone! In this recreational class for kids and or adults, you’ll learn the basic learning blocks of Karate, including the development of balance, discipline, coordination and basic techniques. NOTE: The adult fee is higher and includes GST.

Karate for Everyone - Continuing

Build on what you know! In this continuing program, you’ll progress from beginner techniques to more advanced karate moves. Kids and adults can learn together and develop a deeper understanding of respect, discipline, coordination and balance. NOTE: The adult fee is higher and includes GST.


Kickboxing is a great addition to your fitness routine! Introduce your body to a new set of challenges and learn the fundamentals in a fun, structured, hands-on class. Build your fitness level in a challenging setting while learning about more than punches and kicks. No previous experience is required.

Kickboxing - Youth

Switch things up! Kickboxing is a great alternative to other workouts your youth may be used to. Give them a great challenge and a chance to learn the fundamentals beyond just punches and kicks. They’ll build their fitness level in a fun, structured, hands-on class. No previous experience is required.

Tae Kwon Do - Introductory

Your kids will love this fun, action-packed Korean martial arts class! They’ll feel stronger and more confident as they improve their all-around fitness and learn basic Tae Kwon Do skills, like kicking and punching. This respected sport also creates positive goals and a winning attitude.

Tae Kwon Do - Continuing

In this continuing program, your child will be challenged to learned new Tae Kwon Do skills involving dynamic kicks and hand techniques. This exciting martial art will help your child learn focus, respect and discipline.