Fitness & Strength

Dry-land & Aqua Fitness, Strength Training and more

Dance Yourself Fit

Got moves? You will after this class! With no dance experience required, you'll move to the music with hot dance-based Latin, hip-hop and swing exercise routines. Combining the basics of many popular dance styles, it's a fast-paced conditioning workout that gets your heart pumping.

Strength - Weight Room/Strength Training Orientation

Do you have questions about the weight room? In this orientation, you’ll get an overview of fitness equipment, learn about specific weight room etiquette – you can ask fitness-related questions too. It’s open to ages 13+ and regular admission fee applies.

YYC Barre

Meet you at the barre! Barre is an athletic fusion of ballet-inspired movements designed to help you gain strength, tone and get definition in hard-to-target muscles. Barre is not a dance class - it's a fun, high-energy, low-impact workout that targets your core, arms and legs. Great for all levels, you'll transform and sculpt your entire body.