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Rock Climbing - Little Rockers

Your kids will 'boulder' their way to success! Little Rockers conquer the big wall where they put on a harness and climb. They learn safety, coordination, self-awareness, problem solving skills, and basic climbing skills. Instructors will belay climbers, however parents are invited to do the belaying at the last class.

Rock Climbing - Partners in Climb

Looking for a new activity you can enjoy together? Join this exciting program that teaches the basics of climbing and the techniques to safely belay each other. Designed for pairs, lessons cater to all levels. Though registration process and fee is per person, please register both individuals

Rock Climbing - Rocks & Knots

Ready to go to great heights? In this introductory climbing course, you’ll learn about equipment, knots and belaying through demonstrations and climbing games. From there, you’ll move on to the bouldering and climbing walls. Instructors will belay the climbers and parents are invited to do the belaying at the last class!

Rock Climbing - Towering Tweens

Teens will love this whole body workout! They’ll strap on a harness and be introduced to equipment, knots, and how to belay through instruction and climbing games. Register your teen today for something completely different and completely awesome.