Bob Bahan - Drop-in Fitness

Balance and Strength

An easy to follow low intensity class for adults.  Designed for those with any type of limited mobility, helping increase confidence and improve balance, strength, core stability and flexibility. Also includes low intensity cardio to help build up endurance.

Barre & Stretch Class for the Older Adult

In search for a low impact workout? This exercise training is designed for people that may require added stability and who want to strengthen and increased limb movement. Improving core strength promotes balance and reduces the risks of falls. Find yourself uplifted by ballet inspired moves!

Core and Stretch

Improve balance and posture by using dynamic and static strengthening exercises followed by a stretch component that will increase your flexibility and range of motion.

Line Dance - Beginner Level 1

Designed for the beginner, routines contain short sequences of steps and easy to follow travelling steps. With a slower pace of teaching it will ease you into this dance style. No previous dance experience or partner required.  All types of music used, come join the fun!

Strength & Stretch

Use a variety of equipment to focus on increasing muscular strength & endurance and flexibility through stretching.


Class may include any of the dryland formats like Step Variety or Pump Variety.

Vinyasa Yoga

This style of practice involves a defined set of postures that are linked together and combined with specific breathing patterns. The purpose of Vinyasa is to create heat in the body which leads to purification of the body through increased circulation and sweating. Improvements in flexibility, strength, balance, stamina and concentration can be observed with regular practice.