Glenmore - Household Booking

Book the entire pool at one of our locations for a household one-hour booking. Only individuals living in the same household are permitted per one-hour time slot.  Valid identification with home address is required for each participant upon entering the facility, in alignment with current Provincial public health restrictions. Limited availability


  • This booking type is not included with Rec pass, Rec pass-plus or drop-in rate.
  • Cancellations are subject to a $10 cancellation fee and must be completed by calling 403-268-3800, option #1

COVID-19 Health and Safety:

  • One booking per household, must all reside in the same household.
  • Children under the age of 8 are required to be in arm’s length of a responsible person at all times (min age 14)
  • Masks must be worn at all times until your household enters the pool.
  • Prior to your appointment, please take the time to review the information on COVID-19 Health and Safety - Pools & Weight Rooms.