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Applying/Removing Subsidy to a Program

Applying/removing subsidy to a program

  • Subsidy is automatically applied to applicable items in your basket.
  • If you choose to use subsidy, click “Checkout”, and proceed with payment for your portion of the course fee.
  • If you choose not to use subsidy for the course, click the down arrow in the “Subsidy Program” line near the bottom of the basket. Click “Exclude”. 


  • This action is reversible before you Checkout by clicking the down arrow in “Subsidy Program” line and clicking “Include”.
  • Subsidy used on programs will display as a payment to the invoice on the “My Statements” page. Click “More Details” to view invoice details.

Applying subsidy to admissions and 10x punch cards

  • To apply subsidy to an admission or punch card, please visit a facility to purchase.