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Cancel/Withdraw from a Program

To cancel or withdraw from a program

  1. Logon to your account using the "Logon" button at the top right of the Live and Play site.
  2. Select "My Courses" from “My Account” home page or from the drop-down menu under your account name.
  3. Select filters in the My Courses panel on the left of the page for Type (Confirmed Courses) and family member (User). Ctrl-click to select multiple family members. Click “Search”.
  4. Click on the “Cancel” button on the related course you would like to cancel/withdraw from.
  5. Verify the cancellation details and click “Add cancellation to basket” button.
  6. Click the “Checkout” button in the Basket to finalize the cancellation.
  7. Course will no longer display in “My Courses”. If applicable, you can view the refund invoice in “My Statements”.

Online withdrawals/cancellations resulting in a credit will be left on your account. Credits can be used for any future online, call-in or in-person transaction. If you would prefer a refund, here are your options:

  1. Email liveandplay@calgary.ca to request a refund to your credit card. Note: It can take up to two weeks for refunds to be processed.
  2. Visit a Recreation Facility for an in-person refund.


  • Programs including classes, lessons and certification courses: A 10% cancellation fee will apply for any programs cancelled or withdrawn before the program begins. Cancellations following the start of a program will be charged a 10% fee based on the remaining classes, and a prorated refund will be provided.
  • Pre- and post-care for day camps: There is no cancellation fee for pre- and post-care for day camps. Refunds will be prorated if applicable.
  • Seasonal preschool: A flat $20 fee will apply to seasonal preschool cancellations. Refunds will be prorated if applicable.
  • Transfers: Requests for transfers from one program to another are considered cancellations and fees will apply.
  • Medical exceptions: Cancellation fees will be waived if a doctor’s note is provided to liveandplay@calgary.ca. Please provide at least 14 days’ notice. Refunds will be prorated based on the date of notification.
  • Program cancellations: Programs cancelled due to low registration will be fully refunded.

For any other questions or issues not covered, please contact us at liveandplay@calgary.ca or by calling our Customer Service Centre at 403-268-3800 (Option 1).