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Certifications and Leadership

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Bronze Level Lifesaving Programs

Students will learn the four components of water rescue education, develop stroke efficiency, spinal injury and pulseless victim rescues.

AFLCA Programs

AFLCA is Alberta’s fitness/certification training organization, providing certifications in group exercise to one-on-one fitness training.

First Aid Programs

Give assistance to people suffering serious illness or injury, emphasis on preserving life, injury management and promoting recovery.

LEAD Programs

Develop and practice leadership skills while earning credibility, recognition and opportunities at school, work and in the community.

Lifeguard & Swim Instructor Programs

Advanced Lifesaving programs geared towards those wishing to teach various Lifesaving programs and become trained in National Lifeguard standards.

Self-defence and Awareness Workshop

This workshop focuses on situational awareness and practical tactics that can help you get out of unfortunate situations. With practical scenarios, lecture and group discussion, you'll feel safe in our ever growing city.