Fitness & Strength

Dry-land & Aqua Fitness, Strength Training and more

Adapted Dance Yourself Fit

Treat yourself to a unique workout to get your heart pumping. Move to a variety of music styles including Latin, Hip Hop and more. This class is equal parts fun and fitne

Adapted Drum Aerobics

A drumming based fitness program that combines music, dance and rhythm. Use drumsticks to rock out while working out.

Adapted Fitness

This supervised group exercise program is for individuals who need assistance or have a support worker. Meeting individual needs and goals, you’ll get a mobility friendly program, including strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination. An assessment must be done for new participants for $45. Call your Leisure Centre for details.

Adapted Music Aerobics

An aerobics based fitness program using percussion instruments to play to the beat of the music. Your body will move and stretch to improve your range of motion and stamina. Have fun, make music!

Adapted Zumba Gold Chair

Experience the fun, party-like atmosphere of this Latin inspired dance/fitness program while sitting in a chair. This program is specifically designed to accommodate those who love music and having fun while working out. Come ready to sweat and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong!

Alberta Cancer Exercise Maintenance Program

Alberta Cancer Exercise Maintenance is an evidence-based physical activity program open to all cancer survivors over the age of 18 and capable of low to moderate intensity exercise. This program combines aerobic exercise and strength training components. *All participants must have previously participated in a TrueNTH or ACE program where they completed the pre-screening process. Individuals that have experienced a change in their health or fitness status must be re-screened through the Health & Wellness Lab at UofC prior to registering - call 403-210-8482 or email

Alberta Cancer Exercise Program

Funded by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions – Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity (AIHS-CPRO), this 12-week physical activity program is open to all cancer survivors within three years of completing treatment, capable of low to moderate intensity exercise, over the age of 18 and able to consent in English. This includes two 60-minute classes each week, combining aerobic and strength training. **Must complete pre-screening through the Health & Wellness Lab at UofC prior to registering – call 403-210-8482 or email

Aqua - Deep Water Workout

Dive deep into an exciting water workout! This water fitness class uses the buoyancy and resistance of the water to challenge your cardiovascular system and muscle groups. Exercises are done while wearing a floatation belt in deep water. With no swimming skills necessary, you can get fit and have fun.

Strength - For Women Introductory

Strength training can help you become stronger, healthier and more confident! Learn how to safely use weight machines and free weights and better understand facts about strength training in a friendly group setting.

Strength - Strength Training Introductory

Lifting does a body good! Regular weight training not only tones and shapes, it also reduces stress and perpetuates good health. You'll learn the principles of strength training techniques as well as instruction on warming up, flexibility as well as form and safety.

Strength - Weight Room/Strength Training Orientation

Do you have questions about the weight room? In this orientation, you’ll get an overview of fitness equipment, learn about specific weight room etiquette – you can ask fitness-related questions too. It’s open to ages 13+ and regular admission fee applies.