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Kids, Teens and Family Classes

Something for everyone! A rich world of creativity and imagination awaits.

Arts Ventures - Kids

There's no better adventure than a full day of creative expression. You will participate in exciting two- and three-dimensional activities, including drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture. All supplies and tools are included.

Cartoons & Comics - Kids

Explore visual storytelling and develop your own unique illustrative style. Create interesting cartoons through character development, expression, exaggeration and lettering styles. It's a drawing class that encourages you to tap into your vivid imagination. All supplies and tools are included.

Cartoons & Comics - Teens

Discover your own cartooning style. You'll explore drawing and cartooning, fundamentals of line, proportion, shading and perspective. Find your voice, develop characters, and learn to tell a story or a joke, even create a multi-page comic book.

Clay Creations - Kids

Young sculptors will be challenged with the exciting medium of clay!  Learn building techniques through fun and imaginative projects.  This class is designed to accommodate all skill levels.  All supplies and tools are included.

Create Together - Clay (3 - 5 yrs + Adult)

Experience the fun and excitement of clay with your little one. Dig into the creative process together, learn basic clay working skills while encouraging experimentation and self-expression. Fuel your child's imagination and tap into your well of creativity.  All supplies and tools are included.

Create Together - Clay (6 - 17 yrs + Adult)

Connect as a family while working with clay. Together, you'll discover infinite creativity and develop your basic clay working skills. Work individually or collaborate as a family on projects that will challenge, engage and excite you! All supplies and tools are included.

Create Together - Draw & Paint (6 - 12 yrs + Adult)

You'll both explore proportion, shading and perspective through innovative and inspiring projects. Experiment with artist materials including acrylic and tempera paint, pastel, wax-resist, charcoal and more. It's fun for the whole family! All supplies and tools are included.

Create Together - Mixed Media (3 - 5 yrs + Adult)

Here's a rewarding opportunity to connect with your child through creativity. Each class offers an exciting new art activity that will stimulate the imagination, develop your child's social and motor skills and provide quality bonding time. All supplies and tools are included.

Drawing & Painting - Kids

Explore some of the fundamentals of art including: line quality, proportion, composition, shading, simple perspective and basic colour theory. All supplies and tools are included.

Drawing & Painting - Teens

Express your personal style with support from your artist instructor. Discover exciting materials, including watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, pastel and more! Develop your artistic goals and start creating unique imagery. All supplies and tools are included.

Family Potter's Wheel

The family that throws together grows together! Work side-by-side on the potter's wheel. You'll both learn basic throwing techniques, watch demonstrations, and then put your pottery skills into practise. Previous clay experience is an asset, but not a prerequisite. Supplies are extra and available from the Arts Centre for purchase during your first class.

Handbuilding for Teens

Construct expressive sculptures and pottery by hand using fundamental handbuilding techniques. Experiment with surface texture and detail work, then finish your pieces using colourful slips, glazes and paint. Supplies are included

Mixed Media - Kids

Enjoy an exciting mix of two- and three-dimensional art activities. Explore drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and mixed media projects. It's the ultimate creative combo. All supplies and tools are included.

Mixed Media with the Masters - Teens

Art is as an expression of history, culture, and centuries of artistic movements. Imagine designing a clay vessel inspired by ancient civilizations or painting in one of the many “ism” styles of the last few centuries. A quick Arts History lesson will provide context as you explore a variety of artistic approaches and ideas passed along to us by the great masters. All supplies and tools are included.

Potter's Wheel - Teens

Try your hand at the potter’s wheel! Learn to centre clay, create basic pottery forms and finish your pieces in a fun studio setting. Take this course multiple times to hone your wheelthrowing skills. All supplies are included.

Preschool - Art Start

Introduce your child to the fun of creative self-expression. Designed for preschoolers who are ready for an independent class, this program explores everything from painting and collage to three-dimensional art. It's a great opportunity to start your young artist on their artistic adventure!

Preschool - Clay Discovery

Let your preschooler's imagination run wild creating mythical monsters and other captivating projects. In this class, they'll learn basic clay skills including pinch, coil, slab and hollow building. It's the perfect class for young creative minds. Six-year-olds that are not yet in grade one are welcome to join.

Preschool Art

Creative and fun for preschoolers, children will explore two- and three-dimensional art while developing basic skills and vivid imaginations. From painting and collage to clay modelling, young artists will work on projects that encourage their personality to shine.

Teens Only Art Studio

Art is your language and it’s ours too! Get inspired and find the freedom to express yourself in an open and inclusive studio environment. Enjoy access to an array of materials presented by your artist instructor. All supplies and tools are included.