Day Camps

We make happy campers. We'll keep your child active with our affordable and inclusive day camps. We offer a variety of fun, creative and educational camps including sports, games, art and may include off-trips to local parks and use of amenities in our facilities. Campers will experience a supportive environment with qualified leaders helping to build confidence, make friends and explore creative expression.

Come prepared:

On the first day of the program, please bring a signed permission form.

For each day of the program, please bring:

  • A healthy lunch and snacks for the day that don't require heating
  • Refillable plastic or metal water bottles.
  • Any necessary medication or medical equipment (such as an epi-pen).
  • Weather appropriate clothing like sunglasses, hat, footwear, sweater/jacket, etc.
  • You must apply sunscreen and insect repellent before camp.

Summer Camps

During the summer, campers can enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that may include games, songs, teamwork, crafts, swimming, sailing and more!

Summer camps run July & August each year.

PD Day Camps

On professional development (PD) and non-instructional school days, campers will enjoy fun and creative day camps. They will take part in activities such as sports, games and arts.

Camps run throughout the school year.