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Martial Arts & Self Defense

Quality martial arts programs for adults, children and families at all levels of experience. Develop new skills, increase your fitness level and improve self-confidence in any of our fun and challenging classes.

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Hapkido Classes

Hapkido combines dynamic kicking and striking, together with a vast array of locks and throws designed to control an attacker.

Karate Classes

Learn the fundamentals of Karate and progress to more advanced techniques in this traditional martial art for all ages.

Kung Fu Classes

Develop speed, fitness, self-defense, confidence and self-discipline with an introduction to Kung Fu for all ages.

Self-defense Classes

A combination of lecture and hands-on practice will focus on situational awareness and practical tactics that can help you to stay safe. Open to everyone, 13 years and over.

Taekwondo Classes

With classes for all ages, students will learn the fundamentals of punching and kicking of Taekwondo, while building strong personal characteristics.