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Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a life-saving skill that gives individuals confidence to safely take part in water activities and sports throughout their lives. The City of Calgary offers year-round swimming lessons for all ages, as well as First Aid and National Lifeguard certification classes.

Swimming lesson schedules can be previewed online Nov. 16.

You can register for winter swimming lessons beginning on the following dates:

  • Nov. 23 - Southland, Canyon Meadows and Acadia
  • Nov. 28 - Village Square*, Bob Bahan and Renfrew
  • Nov. 30 - Foothills, Sir Winston Churchill and Thornhill
  • Dec. 5 - Killarney, Glenmore, Inglewood and Shouldice

Lifesaving and first-aid certification courses begin registration Nov. 23.

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Adult Swimming Lessons

Swim programs for adults of all levels who want to gain confidence in the water or improve their technique and endurance.

Child & Youth Swimming Lessons

Swim programs are designed to teach swimming basics such as floats and glides. Later levels will develop multiple strokes and swimming skills.

Parent & Tot Swimming Lessons

Parent & Tot programs that focus on structured in-water interactions stressing the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills.

Preschool Swimming Lessons

Preschoolers learn to enter and exit shallow water safely and gain comfort with floats and back glides with and without the use of a lifejacket.

Private Swimming Lessons

A customized swim program designed to focus on specific goals for those who require additional support. Ages 3+ years. Maximum 2 participants.

Lifesaving & Swim Certifications

We offer all the certification courses up to and including becoming a swim instructor and lifeguard.