Adult Swimming Lessons

The Adult Swimmer Program is for beginners or swimmers who want to improve their skills. Participants may set their own goals to develop water confidence and refine strokes.

Choose the best swimming lesson level for you or your swimmer.
Answer a few questions and we'll recommend a level. Take the swimming skills quiz.

Come prepared:

  • Participants must wear swim wear and bring a towel. Swim goggles are optional. All other required equipment and lifejackets are provided. Lifeguard on duty on pool deck.

Fitness Swimmer: Swim for Life® - adult

Advanced swimmers will be introduced to swim workouts that will improve overall fitness and endurance in the water. Instructors will help you reach the goals you define. You could work on interval training, using a pace clock, workout design, distance and sprint swims and stretches. This is not a swim lesson.

Age: 18+

Adult 1: Swim for Life® - teens & adults

Work with an instructor to meet your individual swimming challenges and goals. You will begin to feel more comfortable in the water by learning basic skills to keep you safe.

Age: 13+

Adult 1 & 2: Swim for Life® - teens & adults

Set your own swimming goals and work with an instructor to achieve them. You can learn to swim and be more comfortable in the water, or work on refining your current swim skills.

Age: 13+

Adult 1, 2 & 3: Swim for Life® - teens & adults

You will define the swimming goals you want to reach and improve your skills while working with an instructor to reach them.

Age: 13+

Adult 2: Swim for Life® - teens & adults

Those with some swimming experience will work with an instructor to meet individual swimming goals. This flexible program will let you work on different types of strokes and kicks, as well as improve your water safety.

Age: 13+

Adult 2 & 3: Swim for Life® -  teens & adults

Intermediate swimmers will focus on stroke development and refinement. You will set individual goals and work with an instructor to help achieve them.

Age: 13+

Adult 3: Swim for Life® -  teens & adults

You will continue to focus on swim stroke refinement. An instructor will help you reach your goals while you work on skills like increasing swimming distances and different types of strokes.

Age: 13+