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Parent & Baby Fitness Classes

Exercising with others increases social contact for both parent and baby. It's a fabulous way to meet other parents, get out of the house and connect with your community!

Come prepared with the following:

  • For indoor classes, please bring:
    • Clean, indoor athletic shoes that have not been worn outdoors
    • A water bottle
    • Warm layers for your baby. Classes may be held in an air-conditioned studio
    • Mat for baby to lay on or carrier for baby to be in
  • For outdoor stroller fitness classes, please bring:
    • A quality stroller with a sunshade for your baby
    • Appropriate outdoor runners, wear layers and sun protection/bug spray
    • A water bottle
    • A blanket or towel for cool down

Parent & Baby - Barre

A ballet-inspired movement class that you can bring your baby to.

Parent & Baby - Pilates

Enjoy Pilates with your baby. Pilates is a progressive series of exercises that restores the core, back and pelvic floor muscles.

Parent & Baby - Outdoor Stroller Fitness

Enjoy the outdoors and socialize with other parents while you improve your cardio and strength with your baby in the stroller.

Parent & Baby - Strong

Improve your strength while spending time with your baby and other parents. Use resistance exercises to re-connect with your body, increase stamina and total body strength.

Parent & Baby - TRX

Improve your core strength, muscular endurance and posture in this fun class. Enjoy a challenging workout both on and off the TRX.

Parent & Baby - Yoga

A gentle intro to yoga and movement. Bond with your baby as you regain your strength and flexibility.

Prenatal - Fitness

This exercise class focuses on preparing mom-to-be for body changes before and after deliver, including pelvic floor and core health, light cardio training, muscle strengthening and stretching. PAR med-X for Pregnancy must be signed by a doctor before the first class.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga can help you keep balance as your body changes throughout pregnancy. Build flexibility, balance and strength and learn ways to relax and distress. PAR med-X for Pregnancy must be signed by a doctor before the first class.